Classic Album Sundays Special Saturday by:Larm-edition: JENNY HVAL ‘The Long Sleep’ (Sacred Bones Records/SU Tissue, 2018) – Jenny Hval in conversation with Susanne Christensen (writer)

1.00pm talk & play: ‘The Long Sleep’ (play time: 23:01) + excerpts from the Jenny Hval discography
2.15pm Q&A with the audience

Jenny Hval has emerged as one of the most subversive Norwegian artists of the past decade, whose lyrically dense music connects with both pop and the avant garde. She has toured internationally, published novels and other writings, been produced by PJ Harvey colleague John Parish, and appeared at both rock and contemporary music festivals.

In conversation with writer and critic Susanne Christensen, she will discuss working on the fringes of alternative music and transgressive art, and presenting it in innovative performance modes. The starting point is her EP The Long Sleep and the listening session will include other examples of her music throughout her career.

AUDIO MENU (by Duet Audio and Midas Reference):
– TURNTABLE: Dr. Feickert Venti
– TONEARM: Triplanar MK.VII 10″
– PICKUP: Ortofon Cadenza Black
– AMPLIFIER: Soulution 330
– SPEAKERS: Piega Classic 80.2
– SUB: Piega PS1
– DAMPER FEET: Foq + SRM-Tech sorbothane
– PHONO CABLE: Midas Reference Flavia
– SPEAKER CABLE: Midas Reference Silje


Time and Date: Saturday February 29th 2020 1:00pm – 2:30pm


BLÅ, Brenneriveien 9C, 0182, Oslo, Norway


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Susanne Christensen