To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Classic Album Sundays we have partnered with MasterSounds to create a new range of Classic Album Sundays record weights!


MasterSounds turntable weights are carefully designed to reduce a turntable’s noise floor and thus improve the musical soundstage. Users enjoy improved bass response, tighter mids and controlled highs as the turntable weight reduces unwanted resonance when placed via the spindle on top of a record.

They have tested our weights on a large variety of non-suspended belt drive and direct drive turntables with great success. Pressing plants try to achieve quality control on every record made, however, there are intrinsic issues such as dished and warped records. MasterSounds turntable weights help to combat this too. DJs love this; as it aids cueing a problematic record prior to mixing and eliminates needle skip.

Photos By Louis

MasterSounds have developed an anti-slip base for the weights, and thus each turntable weight has been designed to grip the record, which is fantastic for DJ’ing as it really stabilises records in the mix. MasterSounds always ask DJs to use my turntable weights for a couple of weeks then remove to realise what a difference they make!

Photos By Louis