We are so sorry to inform you that this event has now been cancelled due to travel restrictions and the responsible social action being taken during this time. We are looking forward to rescheduling a new date with Laurie Anderson on a tour in the future. In the meantime, the British Library will be issuing refunds.

A true pioneer of electronic music and performance art, Laurie Anderson has been using technology to transform the way we tell stories since the 1970s. The O Superman creator in conversation with Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, plus a vinyl playback on an audiophile hi-fi sound system.

Laurie Anderson is one of the world’s most renowned– and daring – creative innovators. Known primarily for her multimedia presentations, she has cast herself in roles as varied as visual artist, composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, electronics whiz, vocalist, and instrumentalist. O Superman launched Anderson’s recording career in 1980, rising to number two in the British pop charts and subsequently appearing on Big Science, the first of her seven albums on the Warner Brothers label. Anderson is recognized worldwide as a ground-breaking leader in the use of technology in the arts, inventing several devices that she has used in her recordings and performance art shows. In 1977, she created a tape-bow violin that uses recorded magnetic tape on the bow instead of horsehair and a magnetic tape head in the bridge. As a composer, Anderson has contributed music to films by Wim Wenders and Jonathan Demme, and a score for Robert LePage’s theatre production, Far Side of the Moon. In 2002, Anderson was appointed the first artist-in-residence of NASA which culminated in her 2004 touring solo performance “The End of the Moon”.


Time and Date: Friday April 3rd 2020 7:30pm – 9:00pm


The British Library, 96 Euston Rd, London NW1 2DB


£16 in advance here


Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy with Laurie Anderson