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Billy’s relaying of the story of skiffle and how it inspired nearly every significant British musician in the Sixties was truly engaging. And listening to the records that illustrate this story was truly illuminating. One can hear how listening to the urgency of Lonnie Donegan’s voice for the first time would have been a clarion call to the 50’s teenager.

These were the tracks Billy chose to play:

1. Johnny Parker’s Washboard Band  – Canine Stomp  45rpm 7″ vinyl  This allows us to discuss where the term skiffle originally came from

2. Lead Belly – Rock Island Line  45rpm 7″ vinyl  Subject: The greatest folk singer that ever lives

3. Ken Colyer’s Skiffle Group – Midnight Special  33rpm 10″ album  Subject: Ken Colyer and the trad jazz revival

4. Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group – Rock Island Line  33rpm 10″ album Subject: The recording of Rock Island Line

5. Chris Barber Skiffle Group – Can’t You Line ‘Em  45rpm 7″ vinyl  Subject: Chris Barber’s contribution and Donegan in the US

6. Peggy Seeger – Sail Away Lady  45rpm 7″ vinyl  Subject: Americans in London

7. Chas McDevitt & Nancy Whiskey – Freight Train  45rpm 7″ vinyl  Subject: Skiffle as pop

8. The Vipers – Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-O  45rpm 7″ vinyl Subject: The coffee bars and how young women drove youth culture

9. Les Hobeaux – Mama Don’t Allow  45rpm 7″ vinyl  Subject: Skiffle as the post-punk rock

10. The Bob Cort Skiffle Group –  Six Five Special  45rpm 7″ vinyl  Subject: The influence of tv and the skiffle contests

11. The City Ramblers – Down By The Riverside  45rpm 7″ vinyl Subject: the political thread of skiffle CND & SCIF

All photos courtesy of Andy Paradise (twitter @ParadisePhoto74 | Insta: @paradiseph0t0)