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Classic Album Sundays making headlines.

Evening Standard

A new generation of music fan is realising that the best quality sound still comes via the turntable.

Classic Album Sundays on BBC 6 Music

Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy is interviewed by Elizabeth Alker about her monthly Classic Album Sundays listening sessions.


Classic Album Sundays NYC featured in the Williamsburg Greenpoint mag WG.

Time Out London

Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy's Classic Album Sundays has been drawing a monthly mix of audiophiles, anoraks and young, trendy types.

Hi-Fi Plus Magazine

A trendy art gallery in the middle of London’s even trendier Shoreditch is not the first place you’d think of to find 100 people sitting round listening to a 41 year old album of frail, beautiful whimsy. Especially when they were listening to the album on state of the art high-end audio. But, this is the new music movement in the UK, and it’s growing.


A great piece by the BBC yesterday alerted us to the presence of Islington’s Classic Album Sundays. At these events, held at Linton Street’s Hanbury Arms, music fans gather to listen to classic albums in full without interruptions.


The Norgwegian newspaper attends our Glasgow session and this led to Oslo hosting its own sessions under our CAS umbrella.

Hi-Fi Plus

Hi-Fi Plus reviews Classic Album Sundays at The Vintage Festival at Royal Festival Hall 2011.

Classic Album Sundays Sets the Record

Have we sacrificed sound quality with digital formats and is that why vinyl is having such a renaissance? Do some albums deserve to be heard beginning to end? Are most of our listening experiences confined to isolated instances such as listening on headphones to our iPods?



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