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Classic Album Sundays making headlines.


How about this for a wild night out: sitting in a room above a pub with the lights off, gathered round a vinyl turntable, listening to David Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars' in its entirety, and not speaking.

Elle Magazine

"People say they have heard things they have never heard before. They hear deeper."

The Independent

Colleen Murphy set up Classic Album Sundays in an attempt to rekindle a way of experiencing music which she says has become lost amid the download culture. Every month, music fans come to listen to a classic album in its entirety on original vinyl, on a high quality £30,000 sound system.

BBC News Magazine

A growing number of music-lovers unhappy about the way album tracks are enjoyed in a pick-and-mix fashion have decided to take action.

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

Colleen Murphy: Hi-fi's modern-day Wonderwoman

ES Magazine

Classic Album Sundays is featured as one of the Top Trends of 2012.

Hi-Fi Plus Magazine

There's a quiet revolution taking place in audio, and it started last year in a pub in Islington. Its called Classic Album Sundays.

The Telegraph

Its the book group cult in musical form.

The Guardian

The Guardian ran a feature on CAS that sparked a healthy debate!



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