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Classic Album Sundays making headlines.

Time Out New York City

David Mancuso [from New York's pioneering Loft parties] has taught me, over the past 20 years, about sound, and about how important sound is in being able to really appreciate music.

The Wall Street Journal

Unlike many music fans these days, the 60 or so patrons gathered in the back of the restaurant were hungry for something more than an instant download of the latest digital file.


No worries at Classic Album Sundays about who has to get up to turn the record over. Colleen will do it for you, allowing you to simply close your eyes and get into it.

The Village Voice

Q&A: Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy On Audiophilia, Secret People Watching And Forcing An Audience To Pay Attention

The New York Times

Classic Album Sundays at Bellwether, just south of McCarren Park, where a former New Yorker named Colleen Murphy will gather the faithful once a month to listen to a vinyl album in its entirety on an audiophile's sound system.

Groove Magazine

Classic Album Sundays feature in German Mag Groove.

BBC Breakfast TV

The BBC joined us as music lovers gathered for uninterrupted album appreciation

BBC Radio 4

The BBC's David Sillito went along to CAS to ponder "People aren't giving albums a chance anymore"

The Word

Someone's just started a book club for albums.



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