We are delighted to be launching CAS at a second Norwegian home Kunsthall Stavanger!

“Kunsthall Stavanger is a contemporary art institution that serves as a platform for the production, exhibition, and distribution of artworks that are part of a large international discourse. We collaborate with artists and guest curators to develop solo and group exhibitions with the goal of creating transformative experiences and in depth audience engagement. We hope to welcome a broad and diverse audience and have therefore established an art library and special programming for children in addition to our regularly scheduled exhibitions.


We recognize and actively contribute to the global network of the contemporary art world. However, our most important audience is in Stavanger, and we aim to become an important local meeting place for the viewing and discussion of contemporary art.”


Released in 1979 Off The Wall may have been Michael Jackson’s fifth studio album but it was the real breakthrough moment that established him as the solo artist who would go on to dominate the charts for the next decade.

Off The Wall is a landmark record that had disco firmly at it’s roots but was not it’s only focus. Working with Quincy Jones, Jackson embraced his newly found creative freedom as a solo artist having not only departed from his more traditional Motown sound, but also his band of brothers. With this album he showcased his personal musical preferences which included disco, soul, pop, soft rock and funk. Along with producer Quincy Jones, the album also featured the talents of some of the finest songwriters and musicians of the era such as Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and Rod Temperton.


Off the Wall spawned four Billboard Top Ten singles, the first album to do so, with “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”, “Rock With You”, “Off the Wall” and She’s Out of My Life”, and has subsequently sold over twenty million copies. It’s often regarded by critics and fans alike as the strongest album from the Michael Jackson’s incredible canon of work. Read more about the album here.

And for your online listening pleasure, check out our Michael Jackson Off the Wall Musical Lead-Up Playlist and Legacy Playlist.


Time & Date: Sunday September 24th 2pm – 4pm

Venue: Kunsthall Stavanger, Madlaveien 33, 4009 Stavanger, Norway

Tickets: 50 Nok in advance here

Presenter: Tarjei Nygård

Audio Menu supplied by Spaceworld Soundgarden

Turntable – Electrocompaniet Ecg-1 Platespiller – Sort, Pre-Amp – Electrocompany Ecp2 Riaa, Amp – Electrocompany EC4.8 Preamplifier, Mono Block – Electrocompany AW600 Nemo Monoblock, Loudspeakers – Electrocompaniet The Nordic Tone Model 1 Gulvstående Høyttaler