This Tuesday in Oslo no other than “Stupedama” (the local “celebrity”, “The Diving Lady”) on the iconic cover of ‘Materialtretthet’, one of the most important albums in Norway in modern times, released by The Aller Værste! in 1980 on the new wavers own label Den Gode Hensikt, which illuminates our otherwise dark November night. 

Legendary John Peel from BBC Radio 1 fell in love with The Aller Værste! and played both “Blålys” and EP “TAV!” (Dans Til Musikken, “Dance to the Music”) from 1980 for his British listeners.

The Aller Værste! - Materialtretthet_album cover

With the help from Duet Audio and their superb sound system, we give the album a well-deserved spa treatment at the music department at Deichman Main Public Library, where we dive into this fabulous album with our guest stars, Sverre Knudsen and Chris Erichsen from the band, as well as journalist Geir Rakvaag, who was as vitally present and in pace with Norwegian music life 40 years ago as he is for norwegian paper Dagsavisen today.

The Aller Værste sofa surfers

We are curious about how the songs came about, dating back to the transition between the 70’s and 80’s, this fertile, creative era in modern music history in Norway, allowing us to discuss a little bit around what might have caused this music to be so cheered by so many and have kept its significance today as it has for so many of us.

The Aller Værste 01

Local CAS host Kent Horne meet with the three to hear about the songs, the recordings and the production before we dim the lights, turn up the volume and listen to the entire album from beginning to end, from the first song, “Du sklei meg så nær innpå livet” till side B and track 17, “Blank”.


Date and Time: Tuesday 21st of Nov 7-9pm (doors open 6pm)

Venue: Deichman Public Main Library

Tickets: 100NOK in the door or in advance HERE. Students (student card), Juniors (under 18), Seniors (above 65) and Initial Service Norwegian Armed Forces (ID card): Half price!

Presenters: Kent Horne with Chris Erichsen and Sverre Knudsen from the band + journalist Geir Rakvaag

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