The predator that lurks on the cover of the album perfectly represents the moods locked in the album – it’s in-your-face, confusing, demonic, and eerie. It’s startling at times and soothing at others. Fear is a difficult emotion to surface from the grooves of a vinyl record because it lacks a visual— the discomfort you experience while listening can only be crafted with the help of your imagination. Massive Attack makes you think about what you would see onscreen during a Tobe Hooper or Alfred Hitchcock film. And, when Massive Attack did give their songs a visual representation, they surface the unexpected, like a foetus singing “Teardrop” from inside the womb and from their respective music videos.

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Join us to experience this album as never before.


Date and Time: Sunday February 24th 2019 4:00pm – 5:30pm


The Sound Archive, The Old Library, 8 Laing Street, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1NW


£5.50 in advance


Adrian Holmes

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