Tom Tom Club – Tom Tom Club 1981

I remember taking this cassette with me on family holidays and it was on repeat. Really liked the childlike artwork but can’t remember who put me on to it and I must confess that at the time I had no idea of the Talking Heads link (duh!) but in retrospect may explain why I liked it so much.


Various – New Rock 1981 – (Greece only)

My Greek uncle bought this for me as a Christmas present.  No idea why – must have asked the record store owners to recommend something contemporary and English! Still one of my favourite tracks ever to start off Side 1 (again I had this on cassette) – The Clash: Magnificent Dance.  Other standout tracks:  Split Enz: One Step Ahead and Squeeze: Tempted –  “I said to my reflection “Let’s get out of this place.”  Spot on!

Martin Stephenson & The Daintees – Boat To Bolivia 1986

I spent most Saturdays checking into Record House, my neighbourhood vinyl store, with my 500 drachmas, ready to discover something new. The coolest girl ever ran the shop and always had the best recommendations.  This one was special: She didn’t stock the vinyl, so she recorded this one for me from her personal collection.  Long live home taping! It was on a 90 minute Maxell with Gladsome, Humour & Blue (1988) on Side 2.  Favourite song Little Red Bottle.

Kate Bush – The Kick Inside 1978

This was my Kate Bush album, not Hounds of Love. Probably because this was in my sister’s collection already!

The Kick Inside cover

JJ Cale – Troubadour 1976

I’m a Gypsy Man was on the radio a lot as was Hey Baby – not sure if this was pirate radio or the US Forces station I would pick up in Athens, but for me it has to be Travelin Light. (May have even made it onto a mixtape years later for my husband!)

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Dillinger – Cocaine 1983

A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork.

Jean-Michel Jarre – The Concerts In China 1984

Always did my school work with music and this one was a favourite.  I was quite into Jean-Michel Jarre. Kept drawing his portrait!

David Bowie – ChangesOneBowie 1976

Shared a room at school with a complete Bowie freak and she pretty much had all his albums.  Another teen portrait favourite (along with David Sylvian …)


Santana – Santana 1969

Maybe Santana was big in Greece? Anyway, this stands out, together with the Greatest Hits album (the dove in hand one).

Al Stewart – Year of the Cat 1976

Alan Parsons production, quirky artwork by Hipgnosis and a chilled out sound. On the Border was big on the radio in Greece and I guess that’s why I bought this.  Lying on a beach, in the sun, endless summer days. This one is for that.

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