Midnight Marauders is the third album by hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest, released November 1993 on Jive Records. It was released two years after A Tribe Called Quest’s second album, The Low End Theory, and reached #1 on the R&B/HipHop Charts and #8 on the Billboard 200.

Heralded as one of the charter members of the conscious rap compendium collectively known as the Native Tongues, A Tribe Called Quest rose to the upper echelon of the industry through their accessible grip on the conveyance of modern problems. They discussed the social ramifications of the N-word, detailed the myriad possibilities in late-night New York, pontificated on various strategies of attracting the opposite sex, and managed to confuse the practical definition of gravity, all while informing the listener of their vast superiority to their peers.

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Date: Sunday May 14th 2 – 5pm

Venue: Doka, Wibautstraat 150 (basement Volkshotel)

Tickets:  €10 in advance here, more on the door.

Presenter: Femke Dekker

Audio Menu: Acoustic Signature Challenger Mk3 turntable, Acoustic Signature TA-1000 tonearm, Ortofon SPU Royal N MC cartridge, Air Tight 300B amplifier, Avantgarde Acoustic Duo XD loudspeakers in Pearl White, Furutech cables and power conditioning