Online record store, The Mix Tape Club, have announced that they will be opening their first physical store in Brooklyn this weekend. T.M.C began life as a monthly mixtape series in 2009, before opening their web-store last year, which features an intuitive function that allows the user to click on any track from any mix to purchase a physical copy.

On the opening, their website states, “We have been working behind the scenes on our shop in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and we are ready to open the doors next week. Records, listening stations, Klipschorns, and plenty of seating. Come for the records or just to hang out; this space is for everyone. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding coffee and food.. more details soon.”

If you’re in the area, a launch party is scheduled for Saturday 15th July, and to celebrate the store is currently offering 10% off on orders with the code ‘OPENING’.

Head to their site for more info.

Owen Jones

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