As audiophile culture continues to rise a hot topic remains merging analog and digital technologies together in a cost effective manner than works for the modern consumer. Whilst many love the feel and sound of vinyl they also now want good digital copies to listen to on the move or around the home on bluetooth networks.

We are excited to see that our good friends over at Gearbox Records are trying to bridge the analog / digital  divide with their new turntable ‘The Gearbox Automatic’ which has been launched as a Kickstarter campaign.


In Gearbox’s own words:

“Our philosophy is to be the finest in vinyl from creation to playback. We create great music by being an audiophile jazz/electronica/folk record label with out own production facility. We spend every day listening to and producing music for our own label output and our customers, such as Sony, Brownswood, Domino Records, Beatball, RAK and many more.  So we built the equipment on which to play our final prized product too. Creation to playback becomes a reality.”

“But it had to sound good and look good and do some amazing things. We were tired of the analogue vs digital arguments and feel that they are both valid for today’s listener. Listening to vinyl is experiential. “Slow music”. Listening to digital is convenient. They co-exist in the music industry. So why not deliver them in harmony? Enter The Gearbox Automatic. “Future Analogue”.”

This is certainly exciting news that will be of interest to music fans worldwide looking for a modern turntable that meets all of their consumer needs.

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As Gearbox’s Adam Sieff told us:

“We’re trying to create the best possible turntable at a reasonable price with great design and modern features for a streaming world”.

The turntable offers  high-quality vinyl playback alongside Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity alongside built-in technology for converting analog sound to digital.

Amazingly it also has the ability to recognize any tracks played on vinyl and automatically adds them to a Spotify playlist!


The full specs of the turntable are as follows:

  • British built belt driven sub platter assembly and legendary tonearm
  • Audio-Technica Cartridge
  • Built in vacuum tube phono stage with RIAA equalization curve
  • Push button selected 33 1/3 or 45 RPM
  • A/C Synchronous motor with super high precision motor control circuit
  • Acrylic platter and case
  • RCA Line Out
  • Universal AC to DC power supply compatible with US standard 60 Hz, 110/120 VAC or European standard 50 Hz, 220/240 VAC
  • Small and neat dimensions for tight spaces: 30cm x 15cm x 20cm
  • Vibration Damping Feet
  • Bluetooth on board
  • Analogue to digital convertor on board with wifi for server connectivity
  • Clear or turquoise with cream colour ways

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Available for £399 ‘The Gearbox Automatic’ is certainly at the affordable end of the audiophile market without the quality being compromised.

This sounds like great news to us!


You can find out more on the project by watching the Kickstarter video below with the full details.

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