Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to host ‘An Evening With The Art Of Noise’ at the Café Royal in London. We were joined on the evening by Trevor Horn, Anne Dudley and Paul Morley who shared with us their insights and memories into the recording of their classic album ‘Who’s Afraid Of The Art Of Noise?’.

During the evening Paul Morley told us how he envisaged the Art Of Noise could have continued into the future with album ideas such as ‘Anne Dudley Plays The Art Of Noise’, an album of piano recitals that bare no resemblance to any of the Art Of Noise tracks and another album named ‘Art Of Noise: Marmalade’, an album of jam sessions which weren’t jam sessions at all as they never jammed!

Whilst many were left with feelings of nostalgia listening to the album, one thing that was also clear, was just how fresh the album still sounded, it hadn’t become ‘of it’s time’ in any way, although Anne Dudley did remark that when she heard the album there parts she thought were great and parts she wondered what the hell they were thinking!

Special thanks must also got to KEFSonority Design and Sonata Hi-FI for supplying us with a truly world class sound system for the evening.

Thanks to Joao Xavier for supplying us with these photographs.

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