In tribute to the recent passing of Irish singer/songwriter Sinéad O’Connor, our next Album of the Month Club will feature the artist’s second album, I Do Not What What I Haven’t Got, on Tuesday 22nd August 2023 at 8pm BST.

O’Connor debuted in 1987 with The Lion and the Cobra and captivated audiences with her strong and passionate voice. But it was her next album, I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got which catapulted her into international fame, especially with the song ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’, written by another late legend, Prince.

But along with her music, she was just as known for being outspoken as she railed against child abuse (most famously on Saturday Night Live), human rights, women’s rights and also religion, although She was religious, ordained as Irish Orthodox and Apostolic priest and later converted to Islam. Irish producer/DJ David Holmes worked with her in more recent times and wrote a heartfelt post about her:

‘She spoke truth to power and was cancelled for it. Sinéad was the definition of Art. Sinéad was a disrupter, a dreamer, and outsider and outlier, radical, upsetter, the high priestess of Irish soul & punk, incredibly intelligent, ridiculously kind and so funny.’

We look forward to digging deep into her work at our next Album Club.

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In advance of the meeting, Colleen will send out a ‘Musical Lead-Up Playlist’ of 10 songs – music that will set the tone for the deep album listening featuring The Cure’s inspirations and other bands in their milieu at that time.

At the meeting, itself, Colleen tells the story behind the album for about 20 minutes and then we listen to the album in its entirety without interruption following our listening guidelines – phones off and no talking. After the album finishes we reconvene and have a discussion about the album and our listening experience.

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We hope you can join us and thanks for listening!

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