Our next Album of the Month Club will celebrate 50 years of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon on 13th September 2023.

Pink Floyd’s magnum opus, The Dark Side of the Moon, stands as a transcendent masterpiece of music and innovation. Released in 1973, this album redefined the boundaries of rock music. Its creation was a meticulous process, marked by cutting-edge studio techniques, including the pioneering use of synthesizers and tape loops.

The thematic exploration of mental health, greed, and the human condition resonated deeply with listeners. Its continuous, seamless flow from track to track was groundbreaking, fostering the concept of the album as an art form. The iconic prism cover art has become synonymous with rock culture, and songs like “Money” and “Time” remain anthems of a generation.

Culturally, The Dark Side of the Moon has endured as a symbol of artistic ambition and societal reflection, with its timeless relevance and enduring impact solidifying it as one of the greatest albums in music history.

Listen: Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason on ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ at Classic Album Sundays at the V&A Museum

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In advance of the meeting, Colleen will send out a ‘Musical Lead-Up Playlist’ of 10 songs – music that will set the tone for the deep album listening featuring Pink Floyd’s inspirations and other bands in their milieu at that time.

At the meeting, itself, Colleen tells the story behind the album for about 20 minutes and then we listen to the album in its entirety without interruption following our listening guidelines – phones off and no talking. After the album finishes we reconvene and have a discussion about the album and our listening experience.

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We hope you can join us and thanks for listening!

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