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The Turntable Revolution

As part of the British Library’s Season of Sound, Classic Album Sundays founder Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy and The British Library Head of Sound & Vision Richard Ranft tell the story of how the turntable not only invented the music business, but also changed our lives on Thursday the 22nd February at 7:30 pm.

emg2Colleen and Richard will track the groovy story of the evolution of the record player, from Edison’s phonograph and Berliner’s Gramophone through to the portable Dansette and the weird and wonderful world audiophile high-end turntables. They will also recount the impact the turntable has had upon our lives from wartime trenches to the teenage revolution, through to the turntable as an instrument and an instigator of social change. They will also feature playbacks on a phonograph, gramophone and turntables from The British Library Archives.

As a younger generation becomes enchanted with the vinyl record and as older record buyers who had chucked away their CDs now repurchase their favourite albums, it seems ‘vinyl’ is the word on every music fan’s lips. But without the turntable, there would be no records, and without records, the world of music as we know it would be a very different place.

We will also be joined by DJ Prime Cuts from Scratch Perverts for a scratch demonstration! Check him out in action here.

Check out Colleen’s photo gallery on the British Library’s Season of Sound here.

Event: The Turntable Revolution

Hosts: Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy and Richard Ranft

Venue: Knowledge Centre at The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB

Date and Time:

Tickets: Purchase in advance at the British Library Box Office here.

Full Price: £10.00
Member: £10.00
Senior 60+: £8.00
Student: £7.00
Registered Unemployed: £7.00
Under 18: £7.00

Audio Menu will include: Rega RP8 Turntable

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