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CAS Chicago Launch Video

Check out the video from our Chicago launch party!

CAS Chicago presents Talk Talk ‘Spirit Of Eden’

Check out these great shots from our first ever event in Chicago!

Album of the Month: Talk Talk ‘Spirit of Eden’

The former synth-pop group create one of the first post-rock albums. Commercially unsuccessful, the record became a cult classic and a blueprint for the Radiohead sound.

Talk Talk ‘Spirit of Eden’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

Featuring early Talk Talk tunes that forecast their ope, along with Hollis' musical inspirations Miles Davis, Can, Debussy, Bartók, Ravel and Sibelius.

Talk Talk ‘Spirit Of Eden’ & Klipsch Audio R6 earphones competition

We're giving away a vinyl copy of Talk Talk 'Spirit Of Eden' and a pair of Klipsch Audio earphones!

‘Spirit Of Talk Talk’ Book & ‘Spirit of Eden’ Album Discount...

We've got an exclusive discount code for the amazing 'Spirit Of Talk Talk' book!





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