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De Press ‘Block To Block’ Musical Lead Up Playlist

Get ready for our next event in Oslo with our musical lead up playlist for De Press 'Block To Block'.

CAS Oslo presents De Press ‘Block To Block’

We are featuring a Norwegian classic at our latest CAS Oslo event.

CAS Oslo presents Lee Morgan – The Sidewinder

We've got a special Blue Note event coming up in Oslo!

Classic Album Sundays Oslo presents Knutsen & Ludvigsen – Juba Juba...

Our next event in Oslo is looking back at the Norwegian classic Knutsen & Ludvigsen – Juba Juba.

CAS Oslo presents Karin Krog, Jon Christensen, Steve Kuhn, Steve Swallow...

Our latest event in Oslo looks at another Norwegian classic at the Deichman Public Main Library.

Classic Album Sundays Oslo, Big Dipper Records and Jansen Plateproduksjon presents...

We've got a special event in Oslo for the amazing 'Get Dreamy' by The Dream.

CAS Oslo presents The Mother of Invention – Freak Out!

Join us for a special winter 'Freak Out!' session in Oslo!!!

CAS Oslo presents John Coltrane ‘A Love Supreme’

We take a trip through jazz and look back at the iconic 'A Love Supreme' by John Coltrane in Olso's amazing Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene.





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