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Classic Album Sundays presents Herbie Hancock ‘Head Hunters’

February is jazz month for CAS and this year we are celebrating one of its best-selling classic albums and a must-have platter for jazz-funk enthusiasts.

Album of the Month: Herbie Hancock ‘Head Hunters’

“My intention was to make a funk record, but the jazz influence kept pulling it.” - Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock ‘Head Hunters’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

A concise sonic story of Herbie's musical life and influences leading up to his 1973 jazz-funk classic, 'Head Hunters'.

CAS & RBMA Tokyo Weekender with DJ Krush Gallery

The highlights in images of our special session with DJ Krush presenting his favourite Miles Davis album.

CAS and RBMA Japan present DJ Krush’s Favourite Album

Japan's premier jazzy hip hop producer and DJ presents that album he loves beginning to end: Miles Davis 'Ascenseur pour l'échafaud'

Album Suggestions from October 2013

One of the most varied selections yet, included lots of new picks including Terry Reid and Willie Nelson.

Classic Album Sundays at the Glasgow Jazz Festival

CAS and Loud & Clear will host listening sessions from 26-30 June with presentations by journalists, radio broadcasters, DJs and even the artists themselves!

Classic Album Sundays presents Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”

Buy tickets to our CAS listening sessions featuring the most iconic jazz album in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, New York City and Oslo.

Album of the Month: Miles Davis ‘Kind of Blue’

Ever the musical chameleon who continuously challenged himself with new musical forms, Miles wanted to move away from the hard bop sound and instead, experiment with modal jazz.





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