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The Doors L.A. Woman & Klipsch Audio R6 earphones competition

Leading up to our event in NYC this Sunday we're giving away a copy of The Doors L.A. Woman on vinyl and Klipsch Audio R6 earphones.

Colleen Murphy presents The Doors ‘L.A. Woman’

Colleen's presentation on The Doors L.A. Woman is now available to stream in full!

Album of the Month: ‘The Doors L.A. Woman’

Amidst a sordid backdrop, including Morrison's conviction for indecent exposure in Miami, The Doors return to their roots with their last studio album recorded with their singer.

The Doors L.A. Woman & Klipsch Audio R6 earphones competition

We've giving away a copy of The Doors 'L.A. Woman' to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the release alongside a pair of Klipsch R6 earphones.

The Doors ‘L.A. Woman’ Musical Lead Up Playlist

The Doors inspirations including Howlin Wolf and John Lee Hooker, their contemporaries such as The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and some of their live performances.





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