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CAS Oslo presents Nina Simone ‘Black Gold’

As we continue our weekend of free events in Oslo we take a look at "The High Priestess of Soul" Nina Simone and her classic album 'Black Gold'.

Classic Album Blog Contest

Submit your Modern Classic or Forgotten Classic Album Blog for the chance to win Klipsch Reference R6 In- Ear Headphones.

CAS Chicago Massive Attack ‘Mezzanine’ Gallery

Check out the fantastic images from our latest listening session in Chicago at Saturday Audio Exchange.

CAS Los Angeles

Check out the full audio menu from our events in Los Angeles.

The Doors L.A. Woman & Klipsch Audio R6 earphones competition

We've giving away a copy of The Doors 'L.A. Woman' to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the release alongside a pair of Klipsch R6 earphones.

Talk Talk ‘Spirit Of Eden’ & Klipsch Audio R6 earphones competition

We're giving away a vinyl copy of Talk Talk 'Spirit Of Eden' and a pair of Klipsch Audio earphones!

Classic Album Sundays presents J Dilla ‘Donuts’

We celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Dilla's ninth studio album, released on his birthday and three days before his premature death. We will be joined by some Dilla experts so don't sleep on this!

Patti Smith ‘Horses’ Competition

Here's your chance to win a vinyl copy of Patti Smith 'Horses' and a pair of fantastic Klipsch earphones!

Badly Drawn Boy “The Hour of Bewilderbeast” Competition

Your chance to win tickets to our Guardian Live: Classic Album Sundays with special guest Badly Drawn Boy event plus remastered vinyl and Klipsch Audio earbuds.