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AIR ‘Music for Museum’ at The Australian Museum

Date and Time: 18th May 2018 6pm or 7.30pm, Sydney, Australia

Daft Punk ‘Discovery’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

Paying homage to Chicago House, Disco, Soul and much more... take a journey through the sonic influences for Daft Punk's 'Discovery'.

Stream our ‘Musical Lead-Up’ Playlists

We present the inspirations and relevant songs contemporary to the release of our featured classic albums in our Musical Lead-Up Playlists now available for streaming on the go. Herbie, Eno, Led Zep, Miles, Bowie, Air, Roxy, Stevie, Hendrix and more.

Air “Moon Safari” presented by Ron Like Hell and Colleen

Our CAS NYC resident musicologist Ron Like Hell and CAS founder Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy give the 4-1-1 on AIR's debut album.

Air ‘Moon Safari’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

The songs that inspired and contemporary to French Duo Air's debut disque.

Classic Album Sundays presents Air “Moon Safari”

Oh la la! Summer is here and the time is right for a "Moon Safari". French duo Air's debut album united synth-based electronica, kick-back loungey vibes and cinematic scores and became a hit. Quelle surprise!

Album of the Month: Air ‘Moon Safari’

French duo AIR's debut album "Moon Safari" is one of the most classic French pop records of all time and one of the sexiest.

CAS NYC’s Air ‘Moon Safari’ Musical Lead-Up

The tunage our CAS NYC folks played in the Musical Lead-Up to Air's debut album.