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Classic Album Sundays & Sony Music present THE THE ‘Soul Mining’...

CAS London is thrilled to allow THE THE fans to experience 'Soul Mining' in a way they never have before complete with an interview and Q&A from the artist himself.

Album of the Month: New Order ‘Power Corruption and Lies’

The album that was inspired by downtown New York City club culture and completed the band's musical transformation.

Nile Rodgers on “Let’s Dance” at CAS at Camp Bestival

Nile Rodgers dropped by our Classic Album Sundays room at Camp Bestival to tell us how he came to produce Bowie's biggest selling album. Our attendees were floored.

Classic Album Sundays presents New Order “Power Corruption and Lies”

CAS London celebrates the 30th anniversary of the album that defined New Order's musical direction after Joy Division.

CAS & Red Bull Music Academy present Bowie Special

Ken Scott, Tony Visconti and Nile Rodgers join us to talk about the Bowie albums they produced!

New Order ‘Power Corruption and Lies’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

Heat the songs that both inspired and were contemporary to New Order's "Power Corruption and Lies"