1. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

“Miles Davis has chosen exactly the right musicians for this album; for me that’s one of the things that makes ‘Kind of Blue’ truly wonderful. For instance, he wanted to have a different pianist on only the second track (Wynton Kelly instead of Bill Evans) and it works magnificently well…”

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2. Rachmaninov: The Piano Concertos – André Previn, London Symphony Orchestra & Vladimir Ashkenazy

“To be honest there’s only one part of this record that I listened to very very often: The third piano concerto of Sergei Rachmaninov. This particular performance -with pianist legend Vladimir Ashkenazy, the amazing London Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Andre Previn- equals perfection for me. Impossibly well played and one of the most beautiful pieces ever written.”

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3. Michael Jackson – Off the Wall

“I would have a hat on my head and secretly dance in my room as a teenager.  Why? Michael Jackson. The songs, the productions and arrangements, wow.”

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4. Keith Jarrett – Facing you

“The first solo piano record I heard of Keith Jarrett. It blew me away. His improvisations, technique and phrasing. Although I didn’t listen to the album anymore in the last past years, it had such a big impact at the time that it really deserves a place in my album top 5.”

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5. The Beatles – Abbey Road

“The songs, the production, the sound. This album is an amazing journey from start to end. A true masterpiece. They managed to get the full 100% out of each song.”

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