Modern Classics

The stories behind classic albums from the 21st century.

Modern Classic: The Avalanches ‘Since I Left You’

Check out our latest Modern Classics blog from CAS Chicago's Sam Willett as he delves deep into The Avalanches 'Since I Left You'.

Modern Classic: Maxwell ‘Urban Hang Suite’

CAS Chicago's Sam Willett feels Maxwell's debut album, currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, is able to ignite a mood akin to Marvin Gaye's 'I Want You'.

Modern Classic: Gallows ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’

Kieran Howells presents the second instalment of Modern Classics with the debut album by Watford's finest punk rockers Gallows and their inexorable celebration of emotion.

Modern Classic: The White Stripes ‘Get Behind Me Satan’

Kieran Howells launches our 'Future Classics' blog with The White Stripes' album that marked a move away from the out-and-out rawkus rock of their previous efforts towards a far more calculated sound.

Future Classic Albums: The Best of 2011

I strongly feel that classic albums are not exclusively the product of past generations. It saddens me when I hear people complaining about the state of music today as if there is lack of amazing artists and music being created at this very moment.

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