Get in the mood for your favourite album through listening to it’s musical inspirations and it’s legacy on our monthly playlists.

Miles Davis ‘Kind of Blue’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

CAS has created a YouTube playlist of music relevant to Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue". Ellington, Debussy, Russell, Coltrane and more...

Brian Eno ‘Here Come the Warm Jets’ Musical Lead-Up Playlist

Experience the musical lead-up to Brian Eno's "Here Come the Warm Jets" featuring his musical inspirations and contemporaries on our new CAS YouTube Channel!

David Bowie ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust’ Musical Lead-Up...

Check out some of Bowie's early Ziggy demos recorded as Arnold Corns, his inspirations behind the Ziggy character such as Vince Taylor and the music that was contemporary to Bowie's 1972 album in our Musical Lead-Up Playlist.

CAS NYC Herbie Hancock ‘Head Hunters’ Musical Lead-Up

The jazz and funk tunes chosen by WBAI radio host Jeannie Hopper at our Herbie Hancock album session.

CAS NYC Lou Reed ‘Transformer’ Musical Lead-Up

The tunes our friends at CAS NYC played in the lead-up to a 'Transformer' replay. Lots of Velvets of course.

CAS NYC Roxy Music “Avalon” Musical Lead-Up

Our CAS NYC producer Ron and guest Tummy Touch's Tim Love Lee pull out the records they feel connect with Roxy Music's last album.

CAS NYC Jimi Hendrix “Electric Ladyland” Musical Lead-Up

The records our CAS NYC Musicologist Ron Like Hell played in the run-up to our Hendrix vinyl playback.

CAS NYC Cocteau Twins “Blue Bell Knoll” Musical Lead-Up

DJ Will Automagic was the selector for our CAS NYC Cocteau Twins session. These are the records he picked.

CAS NYC Brian Eno ‘Here Comes the Warm Jets’ Musical Lead-Up

The tunes played in the Musical Lead-Up for our CAS NYC Brian Eno session.