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Loud + Clear host CAS at The Edinburgh Fringe. The featured album is Rock's Greatest Soap Opera!
This August CAS NYC celebrates the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic soul albums of all time.
Oh la la! Summer is here and the time is right for a "Moon Safari". French duo Air's debut album united synth-based electronica, kick-back loungey vibes and cinematic scores and became a hit. Quelle surprise!
We celebrate the album that introduced South African music into Western pop on 23 June.
The Guardian's Rock and Pop Critic Alexis Petridis presents one of the most iconic psychedelic albums of the 1960's.
Classic Album Sundays presents the classic album that defined the Bristol Sound.
CAS Boston is getting in on the Bowie action with the album that made him (and Ziggy) a star with a special session on June 9.
Buy tickets to the launch of our new Edinburgh sessions with a special presentation of Stravinsky's "The Firebird" and "The Rite of Spring".
CAS's Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy presents the album that signified David Bowie as a major talent at our London after-work monthly.



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