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25 years on from the release of one of hip-hop's true classics, we'll be celebrating in style!
This March we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world's most popular electronic band's biggest album.
February is jazz month here at CAS. This time around we celebrate the legendary pianist.
An often requested modern classic, Neutral Milk Hotel's ode to Anne Frank is our first album of the month for 2015.
Celebrate the 35th anniversary of one of the greatest rock n' roll records! Don Letts will be joining the London & Oslo sessions.
Badly Drawn Boy will join Colleen to discuss the influence of The Boss at Bar-B-Q joint Blues Kitchen on America's favourite holiday Thanksgiving!
We celebrate the 35th anniversary of the first true concept album by a CAS favourite.
After engineering The Beatles at Abbey Road and working with George Harrison on 'All Things Must Pass' Ken Scott decided it was time to sit in the producer's chair and this was his 'first'.
Long Ryder, Coal Porter and Dylan authority Sid Griffin will join us as our special guest to relay the story behind Dylan's legendary 1967 recordings with The Band at Big Pink.



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